Welcome to the LMAC Image Library, aka the LIL!

The LIL is Hive's largest public domain image index with well over 12000 photos and graphics - contributed by Hivers for Hivers! So before you go to external image services the next time, check out the LIL web interface first to find the images for your creative needs on Hive.

You can get rewarded both for contributing and using LIL-images!

For contributors:

--> Find all you need to know in our LIL-Intro post. We can't wait to see and reward your contributions!

For users:

--> All images in the LIL are free for every Hiver to be used in their posts. However, we do ask you to set the respective LIL-contributor as a 2% beneficiary each time a LIL-image is used! Further, make sure to include the #lil tag whenever you use a LIL-image, so that our curators are able to find and reward your post.

Visit us in the Hive to learn more about the LMAC and the LIL.

If you wish to connect with our vibrant community of creatives, photographers and digital artists please feel invited to join our Discord.

~Lily and the LMAC Team